Monday, July 2, 2007

What people are saying about ePray?

We've received many positive feedback about the website from various users. The community is very much happy with the website design and usefulness. Here are some comments:

  • You have a wonderful ministry. God bless you. He will surely exalt this website you have built in his name. jfl30120
  • God Bless you for providing this free service to the community. We are lucky to have found ePray. Melissa
  • I have placed two prayers on ePray and they have been answered thanks to the community at ePray. Thanks for a wonderful website! Jim

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

ePray website

ePray is a Christian website where people share their prayers and pray together. There is power in giving to and sharing your thoughts with others. Invite your friends and family to pray. Send an invite

Praying in a community gives great strength. It allows you to share and ease the pain, sorrows, and happiness with others. It gives the secure feeling that we're not alone in the world. Join the community and share your prayers.
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