Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Passion Week part 1

As we prepare for the coming of the Lord this week, there are several things that we should be thinking about. At this time on the week before Jesus took to the cross there were several things happening to those around him. Jesus was burdened to pray. The disciples that were around him were completely oblivious to what was about to happen. Imagine the emotion that Jesus was feeling knowing that he was going to be taking to the cross in just a few days. He was surrounding himself with those who loved him most and praying to his Heavenly Father. I can't even fathom what was going through Jesus' mind.

As we prepare for the events to come this week as we approach Good Friday, lets take the time to think about how Jesus was feeling. He was getting ready to offer his life a living sacrifice to God to pay the debt of those sinners who loved him. That was the people in the past as well as the people who have yet to come. I feel completely unworthy to be in that group of people. I am a sinner and I know that I do not deserve heaven. However, Jesus paid that debt for me and for you so that we could rejoice forever in eternity with Him.

Thank you Jesus!

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