Thursday, May 7, 2009

Loving God

Loving God should be of the uttermost importance to all. He loves us during all aspects of our lives and everything that we do. In fact he loved us so much that he sent his son for us. He loves us even when we are sinning against him. That should say something to each and everyone one of us. He loves us unconditionally. Even when we are at our lowest lows and we feel like there is no one around us that could possible understand us or the things that we are dealing with. GOD DOES!! That should provide great solace knowing that we are never alone. I certainly understand that sometimes it does feel like we are in a situation in our lives and are all alone. We are not!!! Isn't that just amazing!! God is always with us and he loves us irregardless of the sins that we commit. Now I am not saying that this gives us warrant to go out and sin. However, for those who are in the lowest of times in their lives, it should give hope. Hope that things will get better even though they certainly do not feel that way at that point in time.

Are you someone who is at your lowest low? Do you know someone who is at theirs? Pray for them. Talk to them about God and his amazing love and forgiveness. It might just change a life!

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Phil said...

Thank you for sharing Heather. That was very inspirational. God bless you! :)